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UltraMax"TechnoClassica" Review @ Centre Daily Times
UltraMax Interview at Tulsa World

Review: UltraMax "TechnoClassica Concert DVD"

Brought to you by Max Fomitchev, "TechnoClassica", is the outstanding DVD capturing UltraMax Music and The Penn State Innovation Orchestra's live fusion of Classical. Compositions and modern day Electronica. Starting off the show with "Moonlight Sonata", you automatically know this is going to be an amazing performance. The musicians are extremely talented individuals, forming as one for this brilliant concept. They reconstruct original Classical music by the legends Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and many more into some of the most infectious, addictive versions I have ever heard. Instruments include synthesizers, electric guitar, saxophone, computers, a 24-piece string orchestra, accompanied by vocalists and even a DJ! The energy contained within this film is breath taking, it makes you wish you could have been there nodding along with them! The sound quality and camera angles are done to perfection. There is a hint of Psychedelic camera work when they change certain angles and sounds...Some cool Eye candy! "Pacifica" is transformed into a driving upbeat Techno rhythm with an amazing female vocalist, everyone on the stage is very confident in their art! I am very impressed by this production...I know I will be watching this over and over and showing all of my music addicted friends! I highly recommend this DVD to all music fans, from supporters of every angle...You will not want to miss this, it is one of the most interesting films to have entered my DVD player! Go to the UltraMax website and get yourself a copy immediately!
-- Jay Watson, Grave Concerns

Review: UltraMax "TechnoClassica"

One of the coolest things about this CD and this group in general is the combination of classical music with techno beats. Classical musicians love classical music, but they also know many of the selections have been played for over a hundred years. Classical musicians, such as myself, enjoy hearing fresh versions which still hold fast to the complex music principles of the original.

With some many new ideas and creativity within the world of electronic music, it is amazing to see what artists can do with ordinary studio programs. Enter Max Fomitchev, the leader behind Ultra Max. To classify Ultra Max is somewhat hard to determine. While it does fit under electronica/dance music. The album TechnoClassica features all the elements you would hear at any dance club. Infectious dance beats and hypnotic trance.
-- Josh Philips, Blogcritics Magazine

Review: UltraMax "TechnoClassica"

On choice cuts such as "UltraMax vs. Bach: Overdose" and "Beethoven vs. Bach," the results are sweeping, dramatic and infectious [...] The shimmering production values throughout "TechnoClassica" are impressive, considering that it's a self-produced record from an independent artist. Chalk that up to practice. This is Fomitchev's fifth disc of material since first experimenting with these ideas on his 2001 release, "Resurrection." But it's his ambition to put together a show that's unique -- Fomitchev is determined to produce a live performance with a symphony orchestra.
-- Cole Hons, Centre Daily Times

Review: UltraMax "TechnoClassica"

What makes this album unique is the use of putting electronic dance structures over classical music scores. There are a number of tracks that show classical artists such as Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi remixed with upbeat dance rhythms. For most music listeners who never appreciated classic music may enjoy this interesting fusion of music genres.  Many of these tracks will enjoy much play at clubs, whether if its to the techno or Goth crowd. Songs like "I'm Attracted to you" "Ghost Riders" and "All You Need" are instant dance hits.
-- Kyle Kucate, Grave Concerns

Review: UltraMax "Technamericana"

After introducing you guys and gals to the wonders of underground dance king Ultra Max via his “Digital Bliss” album, I was really looking forward to hear the progression of the Ultra Max sound. What I was presented with was something so special I couldn’t hide my joy at hearing “Arwen’s Song (Galadriel)” with its progressive uplifting stamp of trance that builds slowly to a fine crescendo of huge dance bliss. This particular song features a great sample from Russian operetta star Eugenia Zamchalova taken from Pavel Fomitchev’s “Galadriel” composed of lyrics in Tolkien’s Elvish language. He also remixes the classic “Charleston”, the great “St. Louis Blues” by W.C. Handy, and “Summertime” which is a remix of the ’34 classic. I’d expect nothing but great dance music from Ultra Max based on their previous work and I’m certainly not disappointed. Neither will you.
-- J-Sin, Smother Magazine

Review: UltraMax "Digital Bliss"

Well this certainly is the fusion between classical music and trance/techno. This is a big collection of some of Ultramax`s best songs and boy does it show. Each track is a perfect culmination of mind and body-bending dance music. Some of the acid lines are just amazing—dazzling arrays of twisted synths. “Love of the Violin” is perhaps the winner overall with its excellent mix of violins and classical compositions and trance. I originally heard of this album via and rightfully so as they very rarely give props to individual artists on their main page. If you're looking for something good to listen to after dancing all night or you want to relax in your bedroom then this is your album.
-- J-Sin, Smother Magazine

Review: UltraMax "Resurrection"

[Fomitchev] creates blissful electronics that have a techno feel mixed with classic touches. His music is intelligent and speaks in electronic beats. His music reminds me of a cross between Robert Miles and Moby. The songs have smooth beats that are made for dancing. "Consequential" starts out with string sounds that go from calm to more fierce sounds mixed in with techno beats but it is more focused on the classical atmosphere and fusion. With these songs you get a very Space like vibe, with such tracks as "The Call of Stars" which is has more techno beats and downbeat piano synth sounds. This song has more of a dramatic feel that goes up and down. This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. "Fatalism" sends of a darker feel from the beginning, but kicks back up with the smooth beats and send out uncertainties to the listener. "Asteroid" sends out sort of a x-file feel and a feel of riding around in space. In this song there are a lot of fun electronic sounds. I like how the programming has this medium like tempo that just glides and bounces along. You won’t hear a lot of voice sounds into "Automatic". This song feels like a space video game, and has those video game sounds, and more on "Feel my Desire" and the next track. The album does a good job of having good techno songs, techno songs with classical touches. I believe Max has given us a good fusion of sounds along with mini adventures through space.
-- Julie Johnson, Grave Concerns

Review: ULTRMAX-0001 "Letting Go/Evocations of Happiness" 12" Vinyl

This record took a while to work for me but I found that the more I worked with it the more response it got. Sometimes it takes a DJ to keep banging a record to actually make it a hit. Believe me there are a lot of records that I believed would be a winner but it took more than "Me, Myself and I" to actually make it a hit. But the title and the at have visited this site have caught the buzz on this record. The label promises to keep up the excitement but following up with even more releases that might take you over the top. Never the less I absolutely love the song and will keep banging it until you believe. You Gotta Believe because I'm not "Letting Go".
-- DJ Darryl Owens, Awesome DJ Productions

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Industry Quotes

"A very successful and knowledgeable blend of the worlds of pop and classical-orchestral music that in no way feels forced or unnatural."
-- Bob Woods, Telarc, Director

"It's very impressive. The mix of the musical styles was accomplished very seamlessly and seemed quite natural."
-- Mike Levine, Electronic Musician, Executive Editor

"I am quite interested in presenting you with Cincinnati Pops in Concert."
-- Eric Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops, Conductor

"[I'm Attracted to You] is haunting!"
-- Chuck Browning, KBEZ

DJs Quotes

"Max always has an interesting and original twist on his tracks, and I see him going a long way"
-- DJ Judge Jules, BBC Radio 1

"UltraMax is a musical genius. His upbeat trance / classical crossover melodies are sure to make him a chart topper."
-- DJ Suzy Solar

Fan Quotes

"Totally amazing, one of the greatest music I have ever heard next to Moby, ATB, Yanni and Enya"
-- Mystic Mike

"GET THIS CD!!!! It's so good!"
"The fusion of trance with a classical violoncello !! BRILLIANT !!"
"This is the second track I've heard from UltraMax Music !! and another pretty good one!!"
-- Fans at DI.FM

"Okay, I went to your MP3 site expecting the usual trance/techno stuff and was pleasingly surprised. I am a fair person, so I gave it a were my favorites ....Consequential (Classical mix), Sweet Harp, Veronica, and Good Life......all of these songs gave me chills when I listened to them. I happen to like most music and normally this is not my favorite music. I hope everyone else will listen. Excellent and exciting!!!! Since I am Greek, I am always looking for more Greek music and it saddens me that so many of the new artists are turning to techno.....I love the old Greek music."
-- Mabry Mary

"Well I would say I am one of your target market. I love bands like Ultravox, Jean-Michele Jarre and others. Here is how I rate the songs"
-- Rene de Lambert

"Dude, that music rocks. Obviously from Russia with love, as the saying goes. When I first heard this style, it was a trance remix of Beethoven's Fur Elise, and to this day that's one of my favorite songs. While the music sounds like it's from the background of a video game, that's said about all techno. If you download this music, expect fast and upbeat music. EnTrance is more techno than classical, Good Life is more classical than techno."
-- Darkthunder