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Quantum Potential of Gravity

Present day physics is at cross roads. On one hand there are established theories: Quantum Mechanics (QM), Special and General Relativity (SR & Hubble Expansion (also known as Redshift-Distance Relation), Big Bang, Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) Superconductivity, Superstrings as a means of Grand Unification (GUT).

On the other hand there is troubling evidence that does not fit the established theories: GPS clocks do not rely on SR for synchronization and numerous Michelson-Morley type experiments reveal varying fringe shifts; GR predicts singularities (black holes); the speed of gravity and quantum teleportation defy the light-speed limit; vast amounts of 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' are required to balance the Universe, red shifts are quantized (!) and numerous evidence suggests that redshift-distance relation does not apply to quasars, old galaxies in 'baby' Universe and irregularities in CMB spoil the Big Bang theory, BCS model does not apply to high temperature superconductors.

It seems that the breakthroughs in physics immediately have helped us escape one dead end yet rush head-long into another.

The physics is on verge of revolution and major paradigm change. It is time to abandon old theories (regardless of the looming authority of their creators) and start seriously thinking about alternatives. Thus we dare to make the following prophecies:

  • Lorentzian Relativity (LR) is to replace SR: LR is mathematically equivalent to SR except that it allows for preferred frame of reference (and hence absolute time) to be defined by local gravitational field and does not limit signal propagation to the speed of light;

  • Bohmian Mechanics (BM) is to replace QM: BM is mathematically equivalent to QM except that it avoids weirdness of Copenhagen Interpretation, implies definite trajectories and non-locality (hence naturally affine to LR);

  • Quantum Gravity is to be found in a synergy of Machian and Bohmian ideas.

Technology-wise the switch from SR / QM to LR / BM basis is to yield immense technological innovations such as super-fast communication, propellant-less propulsion, and room-temperature superconductivity to name a few; colonies on Mars within 30 years.

We hope to play a role in the forthcoming change for we engage in research in quantum mechanics, astrophysics and gravity. While arriving at principles essentially similar to those of LR and BM by deduction and observation we were pleased to discover these theories and to see how much support these ideas have gained in the recent years. We believe that quantum potential (QP) plays a key role in unraveling mysteries of gravity. In my current research we are trying to prove that QP is responsible for:

  • effects attributed to dark matter (which does not exist)

  • anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 / 11 and Ulysses

  • excess heat of Jovian planets and Earth

  • anomalous radial velocities of OB-stars and pulsar kicks

  • unification of Newtonian & MOND gravity with strong force

  • new gravity-like effects detectable in superconductors

The lion share of my research is still in progress: we are currently working on precise calculation of solar system effects and improved Pioneer 10/11 anomalous acceleration prediction. Results to be published.


Rotational Drag Force - where we show that the observed galactic morphology (including spiral structure and bars) can be explained when account for quantum effects of gravity (i.e. QP).

Dark Matter and Dark Energy as Effects of Quantum Gravity - where we show that the dark matter phenomenology can be explained with the help of QP, and that QP is observationally equivalent to MOND.

Quantum Potential of Gravity as an Alternative to CDM Theory - our presentation at the COSMO'04 Conference at CITA, University of Toronto.

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How Google Analytics and Conventional Cookie Tracking Techniques Overestimate Unique Visitors, WWW2010.

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Rotational Drag Force Modelling of Spiral Arms in Barred Galaxies
Quantum Potential of Gravity
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